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Old Saybrook, CT Tax Audit Attorney

Aiding Connecticut Clients with Federal and State Tax Audits

Either the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a state’s department of taxation can audit an individual or organization. Attorney Raymond J. Muratori is an experienced Old Saybrook tax audit attorney who has helped clients through every step of the stressful and complicated audit process. An IRS audit involves a close examination of the financial documentation and accounts of an individual or business in order to ensure that the information is being reported accurately according to federal tax laws and regulations, and proving that the amount of tax paid in the selected audit year was exact.

When the IRS selects you for an audit, it does not necessarily mean that anything was wrong with your tax return. The IRS selects returns for audits by one of three methods: (1) random selection, (2) document matching or when the information on the return submitted does not match the information on W-2s, 1099s, or other similar tax forms; or (3) a related examination when your return is associated with another individual or organization that has also been selected for the audit process.

The IRS may request documentation regarding your income and deductions via mail or in-person, depending on the circumstance. After the audit is conducted, the IRS may accept your documentation as sufficient or submit changes to your tax return, often resulting in a higher tax liability. If the latter occurs, you can either agree or disagree with the changes, and take the appropriate steps from there.

Connecticut Tax Audits

A Connecticut state audit is very similar to an audit by the IRS, in that it is used mainly to ensure that reported income and deductions are in compliance with federal and Connecticut state law. There are three subdivisions in the Audit Division of the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services: Sales and Use Tax; Income Tax; and Excise and Public Service Taxes. Having an experienced and Connecticut licensed tax attorney who is familiar with the federal and state audit process can greatly increase the efficiency of the audit as well as decrease the amount of personal stress throughout the process.

Skilled Federal and State Tax Audit Lawyer

Old Saybrook tax audit attorney Raymond J. Muratori focuses his practice on the many areas of tax law that affect clients throughout the state, including federal and Connecticut audits. Mr. Muratori's 25 years of experience as a licensed attorney and as a CPA focusing on tax law in Connecticut is extremely invaluable to clients that are currently facing tax audits from the IRS or the local state agency. He understands how stressful this process can be for individuals and their families, and will work zealously to make sure that all clients receive the best outcome possible. Contact Raymond J. Muratori, Attorney at Law, at 860-388-3599 to set up an initial consultation, and to learn how he can help you throughout the audit process.

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