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Retailers in Connecticut are required to collect and remit tax for the sale of goods and services. The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services ("the Department") may, at its discretion, audit the information, records, and documentation of any individual or retailer that sells goods or services that are subject to Connecticut sales or use tax. The purpose of the audit is to verify the accuracy of any tax return filed or determine the correct amount of sales tax owed if no such return has been filed. Connecticut tax lawyer Raymond J. Muratori knows the sales tax audit process and procedures extremely well and can help you potentially reduce your sales tax liability. Additionally, Mr. Muratori understands how complex and confusing taxes and the related laws can be, and will pledge his time to make clients feel as comfortable as possible throughout each step of the way.

The Department may conduct a sales and use tax audit on either the retailer or retail customer. Individuals are not exempt from this specific type of audit. Sales tax is a common source of revenue for the state and the Department, and they will audit any source that may be liable for sales tax. If the Department audits the retailer and the retail customer, they may make an assessment against both the retailer and the customer, even on the same sale.

Finding an experienced Connecticut tax lawyer will enable you to make the audit process much smoother and less stressful. An attorney will be able to assist you in the next stages of an audit, including collecting your records to document inventory that was sold and for how much, bank statements, tax returns, a retailer's books, or even a customer's check register. An audit will include a comparison of your reported sales tax and your personal or business information in order to reconcile the two. If you underreported sales tax, you might end up owing the Department additional tax liability.

A sales tax audit relies heavily on details and the comparison of records. The process can be quite exhausting for someone new to the procedures. An attorney will be able to assist you in the sales tax audit process.

Experienced Connecticut Tax Law Attorney

Connecticut attorney Raymond J. Muratori is committed to helping you through the process of a sales tax audit. His 25 years of experience as a tax attorney and his background as a CPA allow him to offer a customized solution to the needs of every client. Contact Raymond J. Muratori, Attorney at Law, at 860-388-3599 to discover how he can help you, and how he can use his knowledge of the law to create a strategy unique to your situation.

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